Indigenous Literacy Foundation Video

My role as an Indigenous film maker is to observe, collaborate and create a story that both the client and community are proud to show.  ILF and the communities we worked with are to be congratulated on the wonderful programs they work on together Wayne Quilliam

United Nations Womens Voices Project by Wayne Quilliam

Aboriginal film maker Wayne Quilliam traveled with Social Justice commissioner June Oscar to create a documentary on Indigenous Womens Voices that opened at the United Nations in Geneva and New York


Indigenous Video Series with Vera Ses

Interview with Torres Strait Islander leader Vera Ses on Mir (Murry Island) by Wayne Quilliam

Amnesty International Video Series

Wayne Quilliam creates a video series for Amnesty International

Reconciliation Australia

Wayne Quilliam has been creating informative video and photography for Reconciliation since its inception 

Amnesty International

Aboriginal Videographer Wayne Quilliam captures the stories of Indigenous people across the country including photography and drone footage

Human Rights Video by Wayne Quilliam

Indigenous film maker Wayne Quilliam creates a series of videos that opened at the United Nations in Geneva and New York

Indigenous storytelling by Wayne Quilliam

For more than 30 years Wayne Quilliam has worked with rural, remote and urban Indigenous communities to tell their own stories through photography, videography and digital collaborations.  He created this video to show the important work he does on community