Recent Projects

Cathy Freeman Foundation

Photograph of Aboriginal kids running on a dirt road Elcho Island NT by Wayne Quilliam

Wayne has been the Cathy Freeman Foundation's photographer and videographer for many years.  He travels Wooribinda, Tiwi, Elcho and Palm Islands to record this incredible work.

Digital Storytelling

Photography of Indigenous singer/songwriter Shelly Morris by Aboriginal photographer Wayne Quilliam

Wayne has collaborated with more than 50 Indigenous communities across the globe to create their first digital story.  He enables individuals, communities and organisations to reclaim their personal cultures and stories while exploring their artistic creativity.

Photographic Libraries

Photo of aboriginal woman and man in corporate setting photograph indigenous photographer wayne quilliam

Creating specific visual narratives to meet the individual needs of the client is a skill Wayne Quilliam is well know for.  Companies like Ernst and Young and ANZ contract

 Wayne to build their photographic libraries.

United Nations

Photograph of Aboriginal photo Wayne Quilliams exhibitions in New York and Geneva

The United Nations in New York and Geneva have engaged Wayne several times to create culturally appropriate International exhibitions.

Conference Photography

Wayne Quilliam Photography has photographed over 500 international conferences across the globe image australian indigenous photographer wayne quilliam

Wayne has recorded over 500 conferences and events around the world.  Capturing the essence of the moment is his specialty.

Drone Pilot

Photograph of Aboriginal land by Indigenous photo wayne quilliam

Cinema quality drone photographs and video of rural, remote and urban areas