Digital Storytelling Workshops

Wayne has have delivered workshops in rural, remote and urban communities across the world helping people conceive and create their first digital story.
This workshop includes
Introduction to the Seven Steps of Digital Storytelling
Group sharing and feedback in a facilitated Story Circle
Script writing and voice recording
Image preparation and story-boarding
Video editing: transitions, effects, music, and titles
Support on the production of a three minute digital story
Group story screening
   Length 3 days 
  Time 9am - 3pm
  Minimum Capacity 10 Fee $595 per person
Plus travel and accommodation outside or Victoria
This workshop is for everyone and anyone: young and old; tech savvy or not.  Whether you feel a creative itch to experiment, a desire to more deeply  explore an important life story, or the need to represent a story of  your organization or community.
If you have your own laptop to use during the workshop, please bring it; if not we will provide a computer

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Yarralin Calendar

Photograph of australian aboriginal children playing in a remote community by Wayne Quilliam

 Collaborating with Australia’s most distinguished Aboriginal  photographic artist, Professor Wayne Quilliam, the remote Aboriginal  community of Yarralin Northern Territory Australia share a visual story  of land-rights and self-determination with the world.
With a career  spanning more than 20 years, Quilliam is regarded as one of Australia’s  most respected photographers for his work in Indigenous and  International affairs. NAIDOC Indigenous artist of the year, Human  Rights and Walkley Awards plus numerous art accolades, he continues to  evoke emotive discussion, with exhibitions in Europe, USA, Asia, South  America and Australia.
Wayne visited Yarralin in early August to capture ‘Our Place’ 2017 Yarralin Calendar. ‘Our Place’
The  intrinsic connection to place is expressed through the faces of the  community, their stories and the country captured through Wayne’s  photographs.
​"Capturing the essence of community, that evokes a  passionate response, is more intuitive than visual. By watching,  listening and conversing with the Yarralin community the photographs  took on a life of their own, as the camera become a tool on this  incredible journey of laughter and inclusiveness” comments Quilliam.The  calendar marks all the standard Australian Holidays and significant  Aboriginal calendar dates and timelines the history of the land  hand-over. ‘Our Place’ 2017 Yarralin Calendar represents a unique  cultural learning opportunity and the chance for people all over the  world to connect and support the self-determination of Aboriginal people  in remote Australia. 

Sinchi Project

Aboriginal Photographer Wayne Quilliam captures the life and times of Indigenous people


Sinchi Project

Our  first project was in cooperation with Tiwi Designs art centre and was  led by project director, celebrated aboriginal photographer and former  NAIDOC artist of the year Wayne Quilliam. This has been running since  April 2017.

We launched the project by purchasing camera  equipment, laptops and recording devices for participants in the  community. This was then supported by a series of workshops ran by Wayne  with content coordinated by the arts centre and Xavier Catholic College  (the local school).

The objectives;

  • To promote the strength and beauty of Tiwi culture with the rest of the world.
  • To show contemporary indigenous life and how traditional culture is evolving.
  • Engage and empower the community to document and preserve culture & knowledge for future generations.
  • Provide equipment and develop documentation skills which can benefit the community.
  • Create a video series including interviews with cultural leaders and other members of the community.
  • The creation of a 2019 photo calendar showcasing a selection of images from the project.
  • A T-Shirt collaboration using traditional Tiwi designs in partnership with the local community art centre.

Frontier Days Festival

Photograph of native american indian man in traditional clothes by wayne quilliam
Indigenous photographer wayne quilliam exhibits his latest photographs at the ANZ headquarters

The Long Walk

Aboriginal photographer works with the Michael Long, Long Walk

Aboriginal photographer Wayne Quilliam photographs the Long Walk leading up to DreamTime at the MCG

Aboriginal Leaders

Photograph of Aboriginal man working on building site by Wayne Quilliam

Photographs of inspirational young Aboriginal men at work by Wayne Quilliam